Use of Inworks Facilities  

The Inworks prototyping facilities offer a wide variety of tools and equipment that allow you to design and fabricate working prototypes of your innovations. Many of these tools and equipment are potentially dangerous to you or to others if operated in an unsafe manner. In addition, the operation of Inworks prototyping equipment has inherent potential risks, including rotating machinery, moving tools and blades, flying objects, hot objects, sharp objects and tripping hazards. Safe use of our facilities requires strict adherence to principles of general workshop safety and to the specific safety requirements for each machine or tool. In order to use the Inworks prototyping facilities you must:

1)      Receive training on the safe use of this equipment

2)     Demonstrate proficiency using the equipment to an Inworks staff member (your instructor is an Inworks staff member)

3)      Sign the “Inworks Terms of Use” agreement indicating your promise to comply with those terms of use