Andrew Henderson


Lab Manager and Synthetic Biology Lab Coordinator 

Science and technological advancements are thrusting us into the future at what sometimes feels like an astounding pace, and Andrew has made it his life’s work to keep up. As an undergraduate, he learned how to manipulate genomic DNA to learn more about antibiotic resistance in bacteria. He loved the research but wanted to see application; to see real change. From there he took a job in eye transplantation and worked for years so that donors could fulfill their final humanitarian wish. It was meaningful work, but Andrew still wanted to do more. With immense support and flexibility from his colleagues, he spent the rest of his time building a supply chain that provided doctors in remote regions of Nicaragua with critically needed medical equipment. Quite a juxtaposition — going from manipulating the code of life to watching a pediatric surgeon turn away kids because he lacked the instrumentation he needed to operate safely. Andrew’s goal is to apply the science of today (and the future) to create a world where more people have access to the same benefits. He recently joined the Inworks team at the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus to learn how to combine human-centered design principles with rapid prototyping and synthetic biology to start building that bridge.