Inworks Call For Proposals Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: Which department/program is the sponsoring department when a course is cross-listed with Inworks?

A: The home department of the primary faculty member (instructor of record) is the sponsoring department of cross-listed courses. 


Q: How does my course get scheduled?

A: Since two sections of the courses will be scheduled (the IWKS section and the home department’s section), the home department’s course coordinator(s) will have to work with the Inworks program manager to schedule both sections of approved courses.


Q: What if my course will be held at Inworks?  Should I still work with the course coordinator(s) in my department for scheduling?

A: Upon acceptance of your proposal, you will receive specific instructions about scheduling in the Inworks space. The Inworks program manager will first work directly with the instructor on room scheduling and availability. Actual course scheduling will still be the responsibility of the home department’s course coordinator.


Q: How do I go about getting payment for the items in my proposed budget once my course has been approved?

A: Inworks will transfer your total approved budget to the org and speedtype codes indicated in your proposal no later than the semester census date.  You will need to work directly with the individual who manages that org and speedtype to process payment. 


Q: What if multiple faculty from different departments offer a joint proposal?  How is course scheduling and budget payment handled?

A: See above – the “sponsoring” department will receive the payment and be responsible for funds distribution, scheduling and cross-listing as necessary.


Q: What tuition rate will be charged for approved courses?

A: The tuition rate set for the home department.


Q: Can enrollment restrictions be placed on an approved course?

A: Yes. Please outline any restrictions (and rationale) in your proposal.


Q: Can I tour the Inworks space(s) before the proposal deadline?

A: YES! Tours of the downtown space at 14th and Larimer are regularly available and tours of the AMC Health Sciences Library space are available by appointment. Please contact to schedule a tour.


Q: What if I have other questions?

A: Feel free to contact us at any time (email  Also, the faculty and staff associated with all accepted proposals will be invited to an information session at Inworks on October 19th.


For further questions, please email All accepted proposals will also be invited to attend an informational meeting at Inworks to discuss next steps.