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{ WELCOME } This ONE space will allow us to keep a running list of overall tasks without relying on checking emails. The most recent additions will appear at the top. Scroll down to ensure you have not missed past requests. We can add functionality to this page as suggested. { THANKS } 

NOTICE   posted 10.14.16 4:19p

Please check your email - invitations to the Inworks SLACK Account will be sent out this weekend.
SLACK is a team messaging app that we've found mighty handy for our work  
We have created a CULTIVATOR specific channel for our group / direct messaging purposes

ACTION STEP 005  |  PLAN NEXT WEEK  posted 10.14.16

Next week there are SEVERAL nights that you can access Inworks (beyond our typical 9-5 hours): 

  • Mon 10.17  5-8p  (open only to Cultivator participants - staffed by Student Assistant Jack] 
  • Tues 10.18  [Inworks monthly networking night + open for your work purposes as well]
  • Wed  10.19 [Multi-material 3D print workshop + open for your work purposes as well]

You need not RSVP to show-up, however if you know you will be there it helps us plan accordingly if you take a moment to fill out the forms.  Proceed to the calendar always located:


We have publicly posted the rest of our October Inworks workshops; please select and RSVP any of interest that you believe would aid your project development. In addition, we will be adding more Cultivator specific sessions.


Let's get our projects rolling... RJ & Monika would like to have an initial sync-session with each team to set project directions / immediate paths of exploration / skill goals. In some cases that gives participants a first chance to meet-up with project teams they wish to contribute to. If helpful, we can also accommodate virtual meetings. 

Please reference our updated spreadsheet to see participants involved with each project & contact info; Organize as a group & propose the best time to meet with us here: 

ACTION STEP 002  |  BIO   posted 10.11.16  

Please submit your name as you wish it to be listed on our website & a paragraph (or two) bio on yourself - add any web links you wish to hyperlinked / redirects to further info on yourself / company / project

Name *

ACTION STEP 001  |  AVAILABILITY POLL   posted 10.11.16

Please aid us in scheduling some additional access hours beyond our 9-5 M-F current open hours. Check all availabilities (i.e. you may indicate 10+ hours of possible timeframes despite only routinely committing 3-5 hours) 

vote ! poll closes Wednesday 15:00
MON 5-6P
MON 6-7P
MON 7-8P
MON 8-9P
TUE 5-6P
TUE 6-7P
TUE 7-8P
TUE 8-9P
WED 5-6P
WED 6-7P
WED 7-8P
WED 8-9P
THU 5-6P
THU 6-7P
THU 7-8P
THU 8-9P
FRI 5-6P
FRI 6-7P
FRI 7-8P
FRI 8-9P
SAT 9-11A
SAT 11A-1P
SAT 1-3P
SAT 3-5P
SAT 5-7P
SUN 9-11A
SUN 11A-1P
SUN 1-3P
SUN 3-5P
SUN 5-7P
SUN 7-9P
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