Denver Biolabs Meetup #2

Hi everyone, for our next meetup we would like to jump right into working on something. Come ready to work on any of the items here that interest you the most. If you want to start investigating something else, propose it and get started in any way you can. We decided on Tuesday on short notice so hopefully this works for many. For future meetups, please fill out the poll as best as you can so we can find a time that works for everyone. The poll can be found in the Discussion > Logistics forum. (

Here’s what we have in mind: 

- We have some digital microscopes (3 total) to learn about and setup. Bring samples of things to look at. 

- Several of us are interested in developing a bioprinter project. Take a look at the instructables put together by BioCurious. Investigate the requirements for a project like this.

- We are starting to look at the equipment needed for doing experiments. We are grouping them into the three categories: used, new, build it. We have access to several tools that could be used for building some of the items here:

- The Gut Project - Discussion group

Action Items

- We put the slides from meeting #1 up on discussion board.

- Social Media Links. Please send these out to people you think will be interested in being members. 

- We made a Reading List forum to collect books, articles, and papers. Feel free to post this stuff here. It could lead to some interesting projects. 

- Reminder: Please fill out the profile questionnaire if you haven’t to help organize future meetup sessions. 


Looking forward to the next one!