Denver Biolabs Meetup #3

  • 1250 14th St. Denver, CO 80202

Next week we will have a very exciting speaker, Nikolai Braun, from biotech startup Rev Bio! See his abstract below, and come join us for a fun evening!

Color-changing flowers: Overview of the science, and diving deep 

Revolution Bioengineering is creating a whole new garden with color-changing flowers, a beautiful addition to everybody’s home, and a whole new way to look at GM technology.  Join Nikolai in a discussion of the science behind color changing flowers: the small molecules responsible for pigmentation, the enzymatic pathways that create the pigments, plant gene expression, Molecular biology techniques, methods to transform a petunia, and a host of other topics.  We will dive deep into any subject of your choice to learn more about the fundamentals of molecular/cell biology and biotechnology.  As a bonus, the color-change phenomenon will be demonstrated with gin and tonics.