Denver Biolabs Meetup #4

Natalie presents New Harvest's new take on meat!

New Harvest: Advancing Technologies to Sustainably & Affordably Feed a Growing Global Population Over a 100 billion animals are slaughtered each year to feed 7 billion humans. The world population is growing, as is global appetite for meat. The proliferation of factory farming to meet increasing demand is creating environmental, public health & animal welfare disasters. New Harvest is a non-profit organization looking towards a different approach. Cultured meat is muscle tissue grown in cell culture rather than in an animal. Decades ago, when monumental advances were being made in medical tissue engineering, New Harvest’s founder, Jason Matheny, was inspired to consider other applications of the technology. Unlike a tissue-engineered organ, which must be developed to be functional for the human body, tissue-engineered meat is solely required to be fit for human consumption - a much easier scientific task, and one that can proactively rather than reactively advance society. The presentation will give an overview of the current state of the controversial technology and introduce other revolutionary projects in which New Harvest is becoming involved.