Introduction to 3D Scanning and Printing

Introduction to 3D Scanning and Printing is an entry level workshop open to anyone interested in learning the basics of spatial data capture using mobile devices and rapid prototyping. Participants will be instructed on the fundamentals of capturing and processing spatial data from real world objects using mobile 3D scanning technology and printing with our two 3D printers capable of fabricating objects with a variety of materials including ABS, PLA and Nylon. By the end of this workshop participants will have a working understanding of how to capture, manipulate, process, and fabricate objects using real world data. As the first workshop in the Computational Design and Fabrication series, no prior experience is necessary.

It is recommended that participants bring an iPhone or Android device with working camera and laptop running a recent version of Windows, OSX, or Linux. Groups can also be formed to share resources. inworks has a few workstations available in the event someone doesn’t have a computer.

Please click here to register for the workshop.