Introduction to Molding and Casting (2 Days)

Introduction to Molding and Casting is an entry level workshop open to anyone interested in learning the basics of making molds and casting objects such as mechanical parts, household items, and body parts. Participants will be instructed on 3D design and fabrication techniques for producing two kinds of molds: 1) a part mold using the CNC milling machine and 2) a mold using existing objects.

By the end of this workshop participants will have a working understanding of molding and casting objects of varying complexity. This workshop is part of the Computational Design and Fabrication series. Prior experience with 3D CAD software is helpful but not necessary. Due to the time required for learning how to both mill a mold and cast a mold, this will be a 2 part workshop.

It is recommended that participants bring a laptop running a recent version of Windows, OSX, or Linux. Groups can also be formed to share resources. inworks has a few workstations available in the event someone doesn’t have a computer.

Please click here to register for the workshop.

2 Days: April 1st & 3rd (Wednesday & Friday), 2pm to 5pm, @ inworks