Biology of Human Aging: Parsing the Breakthroughs from the BS

The purpose of this workshop is to teach participants how to accurately assess biological reports. By pointing out the most important cues and clarifying when and how biology differs from other natural sciences, we hope to circumvent a lack of experience and enable the curious and professionally interested to follow the latest developments in biology. This is an interactive, discussion-focused workshop series ideal for non-biology researchers, medical students, and the inquisitive general public. Participants should come prepared to read, analyze, and discuss.

Drinks and snacks will be provided!

Wednesday, April 29th
3pm – 4:45pm Module 1 - Reading journalist-biology, and beyond
5pm – 6:45pm Module 2 - The features of a biological report

Thursday, April 30th
2pm – 3:45pm Module 3 - Rules of thumb in biology
4pm – 5:45pm Module 4 - Sales tricks in biology

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Martin Borch Jensen…
…studies the cellular mechanisms of aging at the Buck Institute near San Francisco. He came to biology from a background in nanotechnology, and probably takes slightly fewer things for granted than most biologists.