Building Bodies - Anatomical Modeling from Medical Imaging Data

  • Inworks AMC (Health Sciences Library, 2nd Floor, Room 2100) 12950 Montview Boulevard Aurora, CO, 80045 United States


The manufacturing revolution of 3D printing has begun. In healthcare, we are on our way to harnessing today's 3D technologies for personalized medical care with patient-fit implants and early developments in bio-printing. Modern technology can be used to visualize and replicate the geometry of individual anatomical structures to help medical professionals better understand pathological anatomy and prepare for complex surgeries related to congenital complications, severe trauma, and tumor resection. Models of patient anatomy can be used as effective communication tools among surgical teams and between doctors and patients. This talk will discuss the process of creating patient- specific anatomical models from medical imaging data and the applications of such models in clinical practices, healthcare education, and biomedical research. 

Note this event is at Inworks AMC (Anschutz Medical Campus). Please RSVP with the form below. 

About the Speaker

Danice Chou is a 3D modeling engineer with a degree in biomedical engineering focused in biomechanics and biomaterials. Her work with Biomedical Modeling, Inc. in Boston has focused on the creation of patient-specific anatomical models from medical imaging data for surgical planning, custom implant design, medical device testing, and procedural healthcare training. She has produced and developed models used in implant dentistry, craniofacial surgery, cardiovascular studies, orthopedics, oncology research, neurosurgical simulation, forensic investigation, pharmaceutical illustration, and modern art installations.

Aside from anatomical models, Danice has helped inventors and entrepreneurs develop early-stage mechanical prototypes ranging from electrical housing components and medical device packaging to cooking oil filtration units and artistically sculpted motorcycle helmets. Through this work, she has acquired knowledge, experience, and growing interests in the fields of 3D scanning, image processing, mechanical design, CAD modeling, and 3D printing.

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