IWKS 4930: Humans & The AI Age

Undoubtedly we are entering one of the most dramatic and fast paced transition periods in modern history. Both how will we and will we survive are reasonable questions. In this interdisciplinary course we begin with increasing our understanding of technologies of augmentation as they currently exist and how they might exist in a not so distant future. From there, we turn our attention to our own revolution from species primarily oriented around concrete relating to one transitioning into more subtle and casual means of being in the world. With these understandings more grounded we peer into advocacy in educational, workforce, and economic policy to see how we might, "be the change we hope to see in the world." The final segment of this class integrates all of our learning in practical means as we add our discoveries, thoughts, and proposals to a living artifact for those who follow after us in this inquiry.

Instructor: Jane Weintraub

Fall 2017: Wednesdays  6 - 8:50 pm