IWKS 2100: Human-Centered Design, Innovation and Prototyping

Exercising Prototyping Practices with Digital Fabrication Technologies

Introduces strategic collaborative design principles for interdisciplinary project development. Key topics include design-thinking, rapid prototyping, mass customization and aspects of problem-solving.  A series of human-prioritized projects in varying scales will fuel the exploration of iterative design approaches driven by automated fabrication techniques (utilizing lab processes such as 3d printing, laser-cutting and CNC machining). Using the Inworks prototyping facilities, teams of students will design and implement a series of increasingly complex projects, in the process acquiring essential innovation and problem-solving skills. The course will culminate in a final project chosen by each team.

Prerequisites: None. Participants of all backgrounds are encouraged to register; no previous design or prototyping experience is required.

Credit hours: 3

Summer 2017: Downtown Campus: Tuesday/Thursday 10:30AM - 12:00PM

Fall 2017: Downtown Campus: Tuesday/Thursday 2:30PM - 3:15PM