Inworks Membership

*We are currently in Beta test mode-- membership fees will not be charged until further notice. In the interim, interested individuals may proceed with the application process and utilize the prototyping lab (fee-free). Once membership fees commence members will be notified and can assume the fee structure outlined as follows will be implemented: 

To encourage and facilitate community involvement with Inworks, individuals can purchase a monthly ($100/month) or annual ($1000/year) Inworks Community Membership, which includes 1) access to the Inworks DAPL lab during specified open project hours, 2) use of surplus/basic consumables provided by Inworks and purchasing advice from trained Inworks staff for project-specific materials, 3) participation in Inworks workshops, including workshop materials, free of cost, and 4) membership in the Inworks network, which helps connect individuals with similar interests looking for project teams. Membership fees are used to cover consumable supplies, prototyping equipment maintenance, and other expenses.

The primary function of Inworks facilities is to support the educational mission of the University of Colorado Denver | Anschutz Medical Campus. Inworks facilities may not to be used for any commercial manufacturing purpose. The goal of open project hours for community members is to provide space and context for interdisciplinary collaboration with students and other community members on projects and activities intended to address real human needs. Inworks is a community of innovators, creative thinkers, and empathetic change-makers. 







Inworks Community Members must sign and observe all requirements of the Inworks Terms of Use, including the Inworks General Safety Rules and other lab safety and conduct policies and procedures issued by Inworks staff. You are also expected to and act in a manner consistent with the MISSION and CULTURE of the Inworks community. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in IMMEDIATE cancellation of your Inworks Community Membership and forfeiture of your Membership fee.






Inworks Community Memberships can be purchased on our website; however, before an individual can be present in the Inworks DAPL or utilize the open project hours, s/he must be trained on basic lab safety protocols and sign and return the Inworks Terms of Use document. Inworks basic safety training can be obtained by 1) attending an Inworks Meetup, or 2) participating in an Inworks Workshop.

Inworks Meetups:

Inworks meetups are free to the public and occur approximately twice per month (refer to our online CALENDAR for dates and times). During the meetup, participants will receive basic safety training for the Inworks DAPL, participate in a presentation or hands-on activity, and be given information about purchasing a Community Membership.

Inworks Workshops:

Inworks offers a variety of 1-2 day workshops covering a broad range of topics. These workshops are designed to be intensive, hands-on exposure to skills, ideas, and protocols. Participants receive basic safety training for the Inworks DAPL, training and certification on a variety of skills and equipment, use of workshop-specific supplies provided by Inworks, and information about Inworks Community Memberships. Design Series Workshops are offered several times each academic semester. The base-price for workshops is $25 per person. Workshops that require more expensive materials cost somewhat more. Registration information, price, and other details are available on our website.