Inworks is a community where you can expect support, opportunity and accountability

  • We are a community of innovators, creative thinkers, and empathetic change-makers.
  • We work to better ourselves so that we may improve the lives of others.
  • We want to change the world, and ourselves.
  • We approach our work with purpose, passion and humility.
  • We respect each other’s person, property, intellect and preference. We respect each other’s ambitions, abilities, and limitations. We respect each other.
  • We embrace intellectual and emotional breadth. We embrace differences.
  • We expect tolerance, patience, persistence, and optimism from ourselves and from each other.
  • We expect to be held accountable by our colleagues.
  • We support one another as friends, colleagues, teammates, and collaborators.
  • We exhibit and expect integrity and transparency in our interactions with others.
  • We communicate. We care. We disagree. We lead. We have fun. We collaborate. We laugh. We listen.

As members of Inworks we create impactful solutions to human problems in a culture of innovation, creativity, respect, and collaboration